Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Read & Write for Google Chrome


Read & Write is a program designed to help ELL/ESL and dyslexic students and can be used in chrome. Read & Write can be used to take notes or annotate books digitally. It has already been added to your Chromebook’s browser as an extension.

It will show up beside your customize options alongside the other extensions.

This extension reads the content the user is looking at through the speaker. It helps students learn how to pronounce new words. Also with this extension the user can highlight a word and the program will define it for them. If the user still does not understand the word or is further confused, they can put a note by it with a word in their own language or something to help them remember its meaning. Read & Write can be used in Google Documents, PDFs, Microsoft Word, and many other programs. The Read & Write program is offered for free to District 219 students. Instead of having to have a physical book, students can download a digital copy and annotate that version.

Zunair Muhammad
Class of 2017

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