Friday, October 20, 2017

Down for everyone or just me!!

Have you ever come across a website link that didn't work on your computer, but you knew worked for other people? This site allows you to enter your problem url, and tells you if the site is down, or if something is wrong with the device that is being used. This site has some features that help gauge the sites effectiveness.  For example, the website can figure out who is hosting this website, scan for security problems, check the website speed, and check what the website is built with.

Kainat Khan & Jay Rami
Tech Leaders

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Google Slides -Voice Dictation for Speaker Notes

How easy is it to create Speaker Notes in Google Slides now?

If you have struggled to type up all those notes for those intensely long presentations, Google finally added a feature to make you life so much easier.   The voice dictation tool has been added to Google Slides tools section.  Try it out on your next presentation.

Tech Leader
Raj Gandhi

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Email Phishing Scam 5-3-17

By Chris Veneris ( D219 Web Developer)

If you were a victim of the phishing email sent out earlier today as pictured here, please go to the Technology Help Desk or the AAL Help desk to change your password.

Also, make sure to follow these steps below to clean up your account:

Login to your email and click on your headshot or initial (upper right of the screen) and click
My Account (blue button)

Under Sign-in & Security

Click Connected apps & sites (left column under Sign-in & security)

Under "Apps connected to your account" box, click on MANAGE APPS link

Find Google Docs and click on it

Click REMOVE (blue button) for Google Docs. The "Authorization date:" should display today's date.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Yousician, Learn a Musical Instrument with this App!

This blog is for you music students! For those who want to learn a new instrument or those who just want to improve their musical instrument skills, this app is perfect for you! Do you ever sit in your guitar lesson and just wonder what the teacher is telling you? This app can help you master your instrument and others! The instruments supported are pianos, guitars, basses, and ukuleles. You can master all of these instruments out of the classroom and show your teacher/class how dedicated and passionate you are about your task at hand! There are over 1,500 exercises built into this app to truly give you the upper hand. The app will give you instant feedback and step by step tutorials based on your level of expertise. Download Yousician as your personal music teacher today!

Shebin Chacko
Class of 2018

Duolingo, Learn a Language!

Ever wanted to learn another language, but your schedule was already full with classes and another foreign language? Well, here is Duolingo to the rescue! This app will take you step by step to learn and master a new language! The languages this program offers are Spanish, French, German, Italian, Romanian, Hindi, and much more! This app allows you to set your own goals daily, which means no more people on your back about meeting a certain learning target by a specific date! The app is available on IOS, Android, and even Windows! Be proactive and learn another language! Learning a new language gives you a step ahead of those who don't! Download now!

Shebin Chacko
Class of 2018

Elevate: Brain Training App

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and as if your brain just isn't powerful enough? Do you think you've tried everything? Well, if you've never heard of the app Elevate - Brain Training, then you clearly haven't! Elevate is one of the most helpful apps when it comes to brain training! This app single handedly helps improve your focus, speaking abilities, math skills, and much more! The research shows, “Users who train at least 3 times per week have reported dramatic gains and increased confidence.” Download this app today on iOS for great improvements mentally and hopefully in that gradebook!

Shebin Chacko
Class of 2018

Monday, April 24, 2017

MyBusVue: Track your bus ahead of time!

2nd blog.jpg
Do you like waiting in the cold mornings for your bus to come? Obviously not, that's why there is the MyBusVue app. This app tracks the location of your bus telling you how far it is. The app is available to download for free on both Apple and Android phones. With this app you can add multiple routes, stops, and schools, like for example having one for the morning bus and one for after school.

With this app you can set notifications for when the bus is nearby and get instant emails. This app emails you when the bus is seven minutes away, two minutes away, and when the bus has arrived at your stop. Another feature this app has is Z Pass, this feature (depending on your school) allows you to swipe in when you enter and exit the bus. With Z Pass, parents would get a notification on their phone when the kids swipe in. Overall, this convenient app is made to help students plan their arrival and departure by knowing exactly when the bus will arrive.

Zunair Muhammad
Senior Tech Leader