Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Time to tidy up your network drives

There are just a few weeks left in this school year and it is that time of the year where we ask you to clean up your J drive and remove old files. Delete what you do not need, organize what you decide to keep and move your personal stuff to the cloud or to a USB stick. The V drive content is deleted each year to make space for new video projects. Start copying those files to another storage location, like your Google Drive.

We highly recommend using your Google Drive to store all your academic files. Students have unlimited storage and it allows you access to your files anywhere, anytime.

Seniors and other graduating students you will have access to your files and emails for one more year after graduation. If you move your files to Google Drive, you easily transfer ownership to your personal gmail account. Click here for more info.

Stop by the Student Help Desk if you need help.

Tech Leader Tidbit: What is a QR Code?

Monday, April 9, 2018

Acceptable Use of District Computers and Electronic Networks

We just want to remind students that part of being a good Digital Citizen is abiding by the computer use policies of the district.  

The Acceptable Use Policy and many others will be found in your Student Hand Book.

Here is a common sense approach to the policy:

  • You are at school.  The purpose of using and accessing the school’s networks and computers should be related to your education. For example, online gaming that is not related to school or classes should be done off campus on your personal time. 

  • Using the school network is a privilege, not a right.  Your access can be denied at anytime by school administration.  

  • The District owns all the equipment, which includes your Chromebooks.  There is no right to privacy on any of the technology provided by D219.   Thus, if you have personal data that you deem private, it should not be on district owned equipment or networks.

You may ask why are there so many rules just to use the computers at school.

Computer use is like getting a driver's license.  Rules are created to keep everyone safe and in their own lanes.  When students start downloading games or watching personal movies online at school, you begin to congest the highway and create roadblocks for other students and staff from reaching their educational goals.

When you download a large file and play it on the network,  it essentially backs up everyone else’s network traffic behind you until the file completes or you disconnect from the online game.   

As a good Digital Citizen, being respectful online is just as important as being a good driver!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

G Suite Training

There is a new G Suite Training app that allows you to learn while using the app.  You can either go to their video library as pictured on the above, or just click on the Training icon in your G Suite app you are using. 
It brings training links throughout your app.  Here is a Google Doc example:

It displays a small window with instructions that you can read and listen to as well. It pops up arrows instructing you where you need to click, and video instructions will display depending on the section of the tutorial.  It is a very powerful learning tool.  

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Tech Leader Tidbit: Avoiding Theft

It is said that Theft is a crime of opportunity. Here’s a few suggestions to reduce those odds. Don’t bring your valuable items to the PE locker room. (There are signs posted on the walls). Don’t leave things lying around unattended, like the Cafeteria, Study Hall, or games. Keep important items in your main locker when not in use.

Finally, Buy Insurance!  It will helps knowing you can get a replacement at no added cost.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Daily Dose of Code : Learn Programming with Repl.it

For beginners, I believe using the free website repl.it is a great platform to code within. It is great because when a mistake is made, a red x appears on the side of the line of code which indicates that a mistake has been made. It also tells what type of error it is, whether that be a syntax error or an incorrect indentation. My code has been done within repl, and I began by clicking "New Repl" and then selecting the Python3 option.

I will now show you how to find the factors of any given number. The first step would be to define your function. Then in that same line of code, you should list your argument within the parentheses. The next step you would take is creating a list. That way your code will give your output in a list with brackets. Once that is done, a range should be established. Then your next steps will involve including your equation which will ultimately give you your factors. The next would be to add them to your list. At the end you will want to "return" your list so that the code stops running and produces your output.

This list is great for different scenarios. A great example would be trying to solve a math problem. There are many other times this can be used and is quite a simple, yet useful tool.

Sidra Mansoor
Tech Leader

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tech Leader Tidbit : Google Addons

There are tons of Google Addons that you can use in your G Suite Apps.   Highly recommend to start exploring and using the many mini programs that enhance the already useful features of your G Suite Apps.