Monday, August 13, 2012

Before You Start Taking Pictures.....

Hi, this is Tech Leader Talha. One of the things we see all the time at the Help Desk is that people are working with images that are way too big for what they’re trying to do.

Most of the time, people are using pictures for presentations. The trouble is that modern cameras take pictures with huge file sizes, and you don’t want these large image files in a presentation.

In fact, in Google Presentations, the application we recommend you use for every  presentation you make, images must be under 2MB. The whole presentation is currently limited to 50MB, so you don’t want to waste all your file size on your images.

Learn to be aware of the sizes of the images you’re using. In this video, I’ve got a few quick tips on how to change the file size of your images.

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Here are links to the services I talked about in the video.

Picresize  Incredibly easy to use. This service has a convenient little dialogue box that lets you pic the maximum file size for your image. Couldn’t be easier! Remember, for web presentations, you almost never need a file size of over 200kb.

Fotoflexer A full-service picture editor with an easy-to-use resizer button. Select the “website” size for all your presentations and you’re good to go.

Pixlr Designed to be the easiest-to-use photo editor, Pixlr may also be the most fun. They have a number of tools on their website. Try Pixlr Express for quick resizing.

GIMP is on your netbook. If you can use PhotoShop, you can use GIMP. Check out this quick tutorial on how to use GIMP to resize images.

As always, we can train you on these applications at the Help Desk. See you next time.

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