Thursday, August 9, 2012

Welcome To The New Year: Time To Get Organized!

Welcome to the new school year, and welcome to our new online space! On behalf of all the Tech Leaders, I hope you have a fun, successful year.

First things first. If you’ve got a netbook, you’ve got a powerful tool for organizing your time, your homework, and all your deadlines. Watch this short video for tips about getting yourself organized. Of all the skills you learn in high school, organizing your time and information is one of the most important. Don’t wait until you have a hundred things due--- get organized now, before school starts.

In this video, I talk about a number of tools available for you. Pick whichever  one you want, but pick something! 

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Here are some links to the tools I talked about:

Astrid: People love Astrid because of the pesky emails it can send you to remind you to do things. Astrid works on the web, on your Android or iPhone, and there’s a Chrome extension.

Todoist: A hugely popular online to-do list that takes only seconds to set up. Also works with your Android, iPhone, and through a Chrome extension. This service has more features. You have to see if it’s right for you.

42Tasks: Used worldwide, and it’s highly recommended. 42Tasks has all the versatilty of the other services with an easy-to-understand interface. Plus it’s been around forever.

Google Tasks and Google Calendar: Works seamlessly with your school Gmail account and is very powerful. This is a great service for NTHS students because so much of what we do revolves around Google Docs; these services are right where you want them.

The difference between successful and failure is often the simple ability to stay organized. Make the choice to be organized.

As always, stop by the Help Desk if you want help setting up these services or more advice.
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