Monday, September 24, 2012

This Week At The Help Desk

What's going on at the Help Desk?

Funny you should ask.

In addition to fixing problems as they arise, we're focusing on two big themes at the Help Desk this week: Google Docs and printing.

Here TL Purva talks about what we're trying to accomplish.

 Google Docs is the best option for you in creating documents, spreadsheets, drawings, and more. Invest your time in learning how to use Google Docs, and you won't regret it. Your documents will be more secure, and you can work from and print from any computer with an internet connection. So, start your homework at school on your netbook, finish it with your at-home computer, and print it up at one of the workstations in the IRC! It couldn't be easier.

Also, if you're a freshman, odds are that you need to watch the printer video. This video shows you how to map your netbook to the printers in the school. It's a process you have to use for each netbook printer that you intend to print to. Make sure you teach yourself how to map the printer before you need to print.

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