Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Improving Your Asus Printing Experience

If you have an Asus netbook (Class of 2016), the odds are that you've experienced some difficulties printing on the school netbook printers. It's a problem that we addressed before, but now we have even a better solution. 

If you follow the instructions in this video, you can set your Asus netbook to print to any netbook printer in the building using a single printer icon. It's actually pretty easy. Go ahead and watch the video, then copy the code below, and try it on your own Asus netbook. Remember, you can always come into the Help Desk for assistance. 

It's worth the two minutes that it takes! Copy the code below (same as the code in the video) and use it on your own Asus netbook printer settings. 


Note: These instructions are intended for the HP printers we've set up at our schools to be used with netbooks. If you're viewing this from another district, you'll probably need to figure out a URI code that works for your specific printers. We can help with that--- get in touch @219tech.

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