Monday, September 23, 2013

Cloud Printing At School

As a lot of you have figured out, Google Cloud Printing is here! You can now print from your Chromebook or netbook (Using Google Chrome) to a number of printers around campus. We've already published detailed instructions, so check them out.

In short, Cloud Printing works on these printers, although this list is sometimes subject to change.

Remember, you never need to plug anything in, so don't stand there with your Chromebook or netbook wondering which port to use. And also remember that this is something of a "beta" technology; Google is improving all the time, and it won't always work perfectly. Just like anything else.

If you're working from a netbook, and you're not using Google Chrome, only then will you have to connect your netbook to a printer via the USB cord.

Can you set up Google Cloud Print at home? It depends---- the instructions are pretty clear, but you have to be able to figure them out! Google Cloud Printing requires either a "Cloud Ready Printer," or a printer that is already attached to an internet-connected computer that is running Google Chrome.

If Cloud Printing doesn't seem to be working for you, stop by the Help Desk.

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