Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Time To Buy Insurance For Your Device!

It's a great idea to think about your insurance coverage right before summer starts. It's smart to have insurance; you never know when your Chromebook or netbook is going to slip out of your hand. Cracked screens are quite common; plan ahead to cover the expenses you're likely to have down the road.

It's easy to buy the insurance. Here's Suha:

In the video, Suha has chosen a $250.00 policy, which is based on the current value of a Chromebook. She has also selected a $0.00 deductible because it's an excellent value, but families will have to decide for themselves which policy makes the most sense.

For your convenience, here's a link to the insurance portal.

Remember to read your policy, keep it handy, and note the expiration date. You'll want to renew when your policy term is up.  And just as important-- learn how to use your policy when it comes time to make a claim. We've got a tutorial for that process here.

Questions about insurance? Don't hesitate to contact the Help Desk.

North: 847-626-2201                     West: 847-626-2721

Note: This web portal allows District 219 families to purchase insurance with our group discount. There's no need to click on the "promo code" button; the promotional discount is already applied to your purchase.

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