Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Anywhere, Anytime Learning News For September 2014

1. Everyone should buy the optional accident insurance. It pays for itself with one cracked screen! The odds are you're going to need a repair to your Chromebook/netbook eventually, so get the insurance now. Purchase it here. Learn more about it here.

    Sophomores especially! You need to check with the company to renew your policy if it has expired. It is up to you to know when your policy expires; if you don't know, then call the insurance company and find out. 800-620-3307

2. Connect your Chromebook/netbook to the correct network! Those of you still using the STUDENT network need to move over to the correct network because the STUDENT network is going away. There's more to it than simply clicking on the correct network name; you have to connect using a specific method.

     Here is how you connect using a Chromebook. 

     Here is how you connect using a netbook.

3. If you are using a netbook, come in for an update! We'll be happy to update your browsers or your entire operating system if necessary. Your netbook will love our updates, so bring it in. One of the benefits of getting an update is that Cloud Printing is easier. Yes, you can Cloud Print with a netbook. Get yours updated today!