Thursday, November 12, 2015

Google Drive App

The Google Drive app is a mobile application available on all phones and tablets. It is an easy and convenient way for people to access their documents on their phones or tablets, if their computers are not available. This application is a very good source for students all over the world because it allows them to keep up with their studies all the time almost anywhere. Google Drive lets you access: Documents,Slides,and Spreadsheet. This app is free to download and easy to use. It has almost the same functions as Microsoft Office.

Google Drive also lets you print via wifi from your phones. Printing is a very important source for students, and with Google Drive it is easy and more efficient. I always print from my phone using the app. Printing at the last second is really easy with this app because all you have to do is print and then go pick it up. The average teen uses his or her phone 6-9 hours a day. In that 6-9 hours with the Google Drive teens can work on their school stuff along with social media.

Zunair Muhammad
Tech Leader
Class of 2017

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