Thursday, November 19, 2015

Google Plus, A Great Way to Keep up with your Classes

Google Plus is a google based social media site. This can be accessed through your school account. This app can be very useful in keeping up with teachers and fellow students. Google Plus lets you sort your friends and contacts by the relation you have with them. These groups are called circles. For example, you could name a circle “Family”, in this circle you could add your dad, mom, brother, sister, etc. In Google Plus you could even get reminders about assignments, clubs, and competitions.

Google Plus mimics the functions of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but in a more school based and user friendly environment. School districts all over the country have started using Google Plus for class notifications instead of emails. All smartphones have the Google Plus app available for download. This lets you access it from your phone anywhere in the world. A lot of kids ignore their emails and do not even look at it. With Google Plus kids will stay connected to the classroom outside of school and can view it through their phones.

Zunair Muhammad
Tech Leader
Class of 2017

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