Friday, November 20, 2015

Lucidchart Diagrams: Diagrams Made Easy

Has your teacher ever wanted your class to make a diagram as a homework assignment, but you can’t find a program that makes it look good? Enter Lucidchart Diagrams, which makes creating things like flowcharts and venn diagrams easy, and fast.

Lucidchart works a lot like Google Drive, where you can share your chart with other people and work on it together at the same time. You can sort out your charts using folders, too. There are several templates available in Lucidchart, such as venn diagrams, flowcharts, circuit diagrams, and tons more!

So if your teacher ever wants you to make a diagram of some sort as an assignment, then give Lucidchart a shot!

Try it out here, or learn more about it at:

By Franklin Moy, Class of 2019

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