Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pushbullet - A must-have app for people with more than one device

Pushbullet is an amazing tool. Out of its many uses, the one I find most interesting is sending links. Once the app is installed on all of your devices, sending links between them is as easy as pressing 2 buttons. On phones and tablets, share the link to the Pushbullet app, and select a device to push it to. On your desktop or laptop, press the Pushbullet icon in the top right corner, and choose a device from there. This is extremely handy when something comes up, and you must leave your computer. Without this app, you would have to spend quite a bit of time searching for the same webpage on your phone, but Pushbullet saves you time and effort, as pushing a link will open it nearly instantly on your other device. If you were viewing a link on your phone, and for whatever reason you want to see it on a larger screen (useful for videos), you can send it to your computer quickly.

Pushbullet has several other features, including sending text messages from any device. If, for example, your phone is far away and you receive a text message, you are able to send one from the device you’re using (even if it doesn’t have a SIM card). The previous feature is especially handy when combined with another one of Pushbullet’s features: seeing your phone’s notifications on all other devices. If you have an Android phone, you are also able to interact with the notifications, e.g. snoozing an alarm or archiving an email. The final useful feature is sharing images or other files without the need of a cable. If you don’t have a photo editing app on your phone, you can push the image to your computer, edit it there, and push it back to your phone, ready to share to social media. If your friends have Pushbullet installed, you can push links, share images, and more to not only your own device, but to theirs as well. This could be useful for sharing things with family members faster than using text messages.

Mariusz Symków

Tech Leader

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