Wednesday, November 18, 2015

WeVideo - Easy to use Video Editor for Chromebooks

WeVideo is a video editor app in the chrome store. It is free and is a less advanced version of iMovie. In high school, students usually need to edit videos or pictures for projects. Using WeVideo is an excellent option to accomplish those tasks on your Chromebook. This app offers the option to add sounds, pictures, and other creative options. Growing up in middle school, we were offered iMovie for our video projects and it helped; it taught us the basics of video editing and design. WeVideo has the same functions and it’s FREE! WeVideo challenges students in different ways making them stronger at the end of the project. This app is based off of your Google Drive account and will let you choose files from there.

When you download the app, it gives you the option to select your skill in video editing and sets it up it based off of that. If your computer has a working microphone and camera, you can use that to add more media along with other files. Music is amazingly easy on this app letting you choose which sounds you want to make primary and which ones you want to be faded in the background. Chrome apps are built in order to be accessed using your Google account and ease of use. WeVideo does exactly that, making it exciting and fun to make videos!

Zunair Muhammad
Tech Leader
Class of 2017

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