Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What we do at the Student Help Desk

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By Pouriya Soltani

Inwin 303 Mid-tower PC chassis - PC Builder Delight

If you’re an avid PC builder like me, I would recommend a case like this.   Not only is reasonably priced, it comes with tempered glass on the side. The case has a good build quality and GPU support brackets to prevent GPU sag with illuminating front IO panel.

The case is fabricated using SECC, a steel that has been electrogalvanized and coiled rolled into the side panels. The tempered glass is 3mm thick. The case features 3 SSD mounts in the front chamber (behind the glass). The case also has support for a 360 mm radiator on top exhausting air, a 120 mm case fan mount in the back and 36 0mm fan mount on the bottom, but a two 120 mm fans or a 240mm radiator would be optimal because with 3 fans or a 360 rad would interfere with some cables on the motherboard.

*Courtesy of Hardware Canucks

Jimmy Tran