Wednesday, December 20, 2017

How to Report Spam in Gmail

If you’ve noticed a lot of unwanted emails in your NilesK12 gmail inbox, there are ways to deal with it in just a few clicks. Report them as SPAM! This will help you and Google at the same time.

Gmail already sends some known Spam-like emails straight to your Spam folder but some Spam still gets through the filter. That’s where your action is needed.

You can flag any unwanted messages as SPAM. Doing this helps Gmail "learn" what types of emails you’d want going straight to your Spam Folder and not your inbox.

While viewing your inbox, don't open the known spam email. Instead, click the checkbox next to the message or hold the Shift key then Click to select more than one message to mark as Spam.

Then click the Report Spam icon above your messages. You can simply Report as Spam or Report and Unsubscribe if it’s a newsletter you’ll never want to receive again.

After reporting Spam for a while you will notice that less and less unwanted messages will show up in your inbox as Gmail will start doing it for you. Win, win.

Net Neutrality - A Tech Leader's Thoughts

The End of the Free Internet Age

Major streaming services such as Netflix and Twitch are among the services that may be affected after voting to repeal Net Neutrality on Dec. 14. Federal Communication Center (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai has given a heavy hit to online streaming services by enacting the removal of Net Neutrality therefore threatening consumer interest by possibly costing consumers more money. With a 3-2 vote by partisan judges, the future is bleak for the survival of independent streaming services in the country, with certainty of price increases for usage of independent internet domains

Net Neutrality is a safeguard against companies controlling how consumers use the web. Since 2015, companies couldn’t block or charge the content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or communication method. It was enacted after internet domains, such as Netflix, were suffering from issues with time and connectivity due to meddling by companies.

Supporters of Net Neutrality have argued that the internet is a public utility, so crucial that it’s privatization would hinder the growth of modern society. With the internet being vital in news viewing, E-commerce, entertainment, and getting financial assistance for college, privatization means the internet would fall to the decisions of telecommunication companies. It has been feared that microtransactions, fees for content, would be introduced making it harder for users with limited financial situations to continue using the internet. The worst case scenario is the favoritism of company owned services by means of blocking the competition out of existence. Former FCC Commissioner Michael Copp stated that “There can be no truly open internet without net neutrality. To believe otherwise is to be captive to special interest power brokers.”

Those against Net Neutrality point to property rights. They have argued that since companies allow for internet access by consumers, companies should have such power to prevent “freeloaders” to profit from the current situation using their property. Netflix has been especially targeted, being pressured to pay up or get blocked from the web. One thing is certain, the internet’s future is incredibly vague in the US.

By Pouriya Soltani
Tech Leader 2018

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Visme Presentation app

Visme is a place for students, teachers, and anyone who wants to express their thoughts in a futuristic way. Visme not only lets you create a presentation in a total new way but also lets you create things such as info-graphs, reports, web graphics, social graphics, web pages, and more. Visme also has an E-book feature for book lovers . Most importantly Visme is easy to use. Visme allows the user to create more engaging presentations, info-graphics, demos, Web Banners, Animations and virtually any other type of visual content right in their browser. The content created using Visme can be easily shared on Social media, embed to a website or blog, and even downloaded to use offline. Use Visme to create a more attractive and engaging resumes. Utilize it for personal projects from creating recipe pages, to creating short poems, meme’s, or graphics, or as a simple canvas to post ideas. Visme opens so many doors for so many people. Join the Fun by clicking on the link below.

Visme Link
By Syeda Bukari
Tech Leader 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Down for everyone or just me!!

Have you ever come across a website link that didn't work on your computer, but you knew worked for other people? This site allows you to enter your problem url, and tells you if the site is down, or if something is wrong with the device that is being used. This site has some features that help gauge the sites effectiveness.  For example, the website can figure out who is hosting this website, scan for security problems, check the website speed, and check what the website is built with.

Kainat Khan & Jay Rami
Tech Leaders

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Google Slides -Voice Dictation for Speaker Notes

How easy is it to create Speaker Notes in Google Slides now?

If you have struggled to type up all those notes for those intensely long presentations, Google finally added a feature to make you life so much easier.   The voice dictation tool has been added to Google Slides tools section.  Try it out on your next presentation.

Tech Leader
Raj Gandhi

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Email Phishing Scam 5-3-17

By Chris Veneris ( D219 Web Developer)

If you were a victim of the phishing email sent out earlier today as pictured here, please go to the Technology Help Desk or the AAL Help desk to change your password.

Also, make sure to follow these steps below to clean up your account:

Login to your email and click on your headshot or initial (upper right of the screen) and click
My Account (blue button)

Under Sign-in & Security

Click Connected apps & sites (left column under Sign-in & security)

Under "Apps connected to your account" box, click on MANAGE APPS link

Find Google Docs and click on it

Click REMOVE (blue button) for Google Docs. The "Authorization date:" should display today's date.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Momentum, Maximize your 'New Tab'

If you’re fed up with the normal New Tab page of chrome, Momentum helps you create an innovative one; that is an awesome one in terms of looks and productivity. The Momentum New Tab page is quite useful, as it includes a lot of features; such as the tasks you have to do, weather in your particular area, superb background images, a quote that will be powerful enough to motivate you, and the ability to set a goal for a day. You have the ability to customize things as much as you want. In short, Momentum does the job.

To install OneTab for chrome:

To install OneTab for Mozilla:

Tech Leader
Charles Co

Yousician, Learn a Musical Instrument with this App!

This blog is for you music students! For those who want to learn a new instrument or those who just want to improve their musical instrument skills, this app is perfect for you! Do you ever sit in your guitar lesson and just wonder what the teacher is telling you? This app can help you master your instrument and others! The instruments supported are pianos, guitars, basses, and ukuleles. You can master all of these instruments out of the classroom and show your teacher/class how dedicated and passionate you are about your task at hand! There are over 1,500 exercises built into this app to truly give you the upper hand. The app will give you instant feedback and step by step tutorials based on your level of expertise. Download Yousician as your personal music teacher today!

Shebin Chacko
Class of 2018

Duolingo, Learn a Language!

Ever wanted to learn another language, but your schedule was already full with classes and another foreign language? Well, here is Duolingo to the rescue! This app will take you step by step to learn and master a new language! The languages this program offers are Spanish, French, German, Italian, Romanian, Hindi, and much more! This app allows you to set your own goals daily, which means no more people on your back about meeting a certain learning target by a specific date! The app is available on IOS, Android, and even Windows! Be proactive and learn another language! Learning a new language gives you a step ahead of those who don't! Download now!

Shebin Chacko
Class of 2018

Elevate: Brain Training App

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and as if your brain just isn't powerful enough? Do you think you've tried everything? Well, if you've never heard of the app Elevate - Brain Training, then you clearly haven't! Elevate is one of the most helpful apps when it comes to brain training! This app single handedly helps improve your focus, speaking abilities, math skills, and much more! The research shows, “Users who train at least 3 times per week have reported dramatic gains and increased confidence.” Download this app today on iOS for great improvements mentally and hopefully in that gradebook!

Shebin Chacko
Class of 2018

Monday, April 24, 2017

MyBusVue: Track your bus ahead of time!

2nd blog.jpg
Do you like waiting in the cold mornings for your bus to come? Obviously not, that's why there is the MyBusVue app. This app tracks the location of your bus telling you how far it is. The app is available to download for free on both Apple and Android phones. With this app you can add multiple routes, stops, and schools, like for example having one for the morning bus and one for after school.

With this app you can set notifications for when the bus is nearby and get instant emails. This app emails you when the bus is seven minutes away, two minutes away, and when the bus has arrived at your stop. Another feature this app has is Z Pass, this feature (depending on your school) allows you to swipe in when you enter and exit the bus. With Z Pass, parents would get a notification on their phone when the kids swipe in. Overall, this convenient app is made to help students plan their arrival and departure by knowing exactly when the bus will arrive.

Zunair Muhammad
Senior Tech Leader

Quizlet: The Source to Wisdom

blog 3.png
Have you ever needed to memorize a list of vocabulary words and did not have flashcards at home? Well now there is Quizlet. This is a website where you can make sets of flashcards and share them with others. Quizlet is also a free app that you can download on either an Apple or Android phone. Once you make your flashcards you get the options of having: one side shown or both, hear the words and definitions being read, make quizzes, and play fun games like scatter and race. Quizlet also allows you to choose your privacy settings so no one can access your set. Alongside making flashcards, teachers can make live games and have students join with codes. This is known as Quizlet Live and makes learning more interactive. Quizlet is a fun and easier way of learning new vocabulary words from either your computer, phone, or in class against your fellow peers.

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By Zunair Muhammad

Thursday, April 20, 2017


nFNw7IJ.pngWhen it comes to note taking, typing is always better than writing because, it is faster and you don't have to feel the pain of a pencil between your fingers. But, have you ever wondered if there’s something even better and faster than typing? That’s where Dictanote comes handy. It is a full featured text editor with a multi-language speech recognizer. It supports over 25 languages and allows you to create a document faster than you could ever do by typing. It recognizes your speech and converts it into a text with a font style of your choice.

This app is fully cloud based which saves all your stuff on their servers so you don’t have to worry about losing them. You can create your own ‘Classroom’ on it and add notes according to the classrooms or other different categories. You can also save screenshots within the notes. If you’re confused as to where you last left off, you can just hit play and listen to all your notes if you don’t feel like reading them.

It also checks and fixes any writing mistakes. It is a great app to take notes and it’s completely free. So, next time you don’t have to carry a bunch of paper notes and spend a lot of time finding them. Just open the app on your Chromebook or smartphone and you’re good to go.

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Sohaib Hakim

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Diigo Web Collector

Have you ever found yourself printing webpages out just to highlight important information? Diigo Web Collector solves this problem by allowing you to highlight right in the browser. You can add sticky notes and reminders to a page as if you were writing straight into a book. You can even share your annotations with others to create a study group over the internet. As long as you have the extension you can access your annotations on any device. This could be used for adding notes and reminders to research pages. You could completely cut out the process of printing out tens of pages for a research project and instead keep it all saved on your account.

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Tom McDonagh

Turn Off the Lights

Have you ever watched a video late at night on your computer, but it’s too bright even at the lowest brightness? The extension Turn Off the Lights might help with that. Whenever you watch a video on YouTube, Vimeo, or most other video streaming websites, you can click on the extension’s icon and it will dim the rest of the website so that it’s easier to focus on watching the video.

There are also other settings with the extension that lets you customize your watching experience, such as automatically dimming the page and un-dimming when the video is over, changing the darkness level, and adding a dynamic color screen behind the video.

Sure, you can just watch the video in fullscreen, but if you don’t always want to, this extension also focuses the video and helps you ignore the rest of the page for the best viewing experience.

Franklin Moy


Programming on a Chromebook can be a difficult task as stock Chromebooks are not able to install anything other than extensions. Codeanywhere allows you to connect to Github, Dropbox, or any FTP/SFTP server to program away from your main computer. Codeanywhere allows for quick easy changes to code that you can keep in the cloud to save you on space. Saving in the cloud also enables you to make changes from multiple devices without having to worry about making sure that the version of your code is up to date. It even features autocomplete for languages like HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and PHP.

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Tom McDonagh


RAM stands for Random Access Memory.  RAM is a way of temporarily keeping data somewhere that the computer can go back to and read very quickly.  For example, RAM is needed when you launch an application on your computer because your HDD or Hard Disk Drive is too slow to be able to keep up with supplying your computer with the data it needs, RAM fills in this gap in performance. It is, what is called volatile memory so any data on it would just be deleted once you power off your computer.  So don’t get any ideas if you were thinking, ‘why don’t we just  use it to store data instead of Hard Drives?’.  

JEDEC, the organization that defines and standardizes the computer memory standards, has announced that the next generation of RAM, DDR5 will have double the speed of current DDR4 RAM. This will allow better overclocking on newer CPUs and expand the maximum amount of RAM that a system can have. DDR4 was finalized in 2012 but was not released and available in the market until 2015. Although they stated it will be finalized in 2018, as it was with DDR4, it is planned to be available a little later in 2020. It is estimated that DDR5 will continue to be the fastest RAM available until 2025.  All of this is important because the faster your RAM is the faster your computer will feel.

Tom McDonagh

Monday, April 17, 2017

iScanner: Turn your pictures into PDFs

Have you ever been absent and need to turn in a really important assignment? Well now there is the iScanner app, available for free on all current Apple and Android phones. With this app you can turn any picture into an PDF! It is free to download and makes sending work faster. Once you open the app and click on the +, the camera will open. With this app you have the option to set the picture to auto or manual. When the camera setting is on auto, it detects the borders and takes the picture, leaving you with the option to edit. On the manual setting, once the picture is taken it gives you the right to choose your borders and crop the image as much as you need to.

Once the picture of the document is set, it gives you the option of making it a PDF or JPEG file. After you have decided on that, you can send it out to: fax, email, email yourself, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Yandex.Disk, Box, and OneDrive. Besides sharing it out to those locations, you can save it in your camera roll, open it with another app, and print it out on spot. iScanner does offer the pro edition which allows you to save unlimited PDFs, unlike the free version which only lets you save three at a time.

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Zunair Muhammad
Senior Tech Leader

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


As we live in a busy world we want to do something but we can’t simply do it because we’re too busy for it, we often wish there was an easier way to get what we want. If you’re a computer geek and want to learn about computer programming but you’re too caught up on other things such as school and homework, then we have a solution for you.

Codecademy, a cloud-based computer programming school where you can learn any kind of computer programmings such as Web Development, App Development, and Ubuntu. It contains a big variety of programming languages to learn such as HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, and even Python.

Their friendly interface helps you learn to program in a very fun way. It has a console where you type your code and instructions on the left, and if you’re stuck, it gives you the hints. Also, you don’t have to worry about losing your data if you’re in a hurry and have to go without closing your console properly, it saves all your work on its cloud technology as you type. You can also download their app on your iPhone or Android so you can continue typing your code from where you left off on your PC.

By Sohaib Hakim

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Stay Focusd

If you are one of those people who wants to study but can’t focus because as soon as you pickup your books, your mind starts to think about all kind of weird things it can ever think about. Such as, do aliens really exist? Is there water on mars? Why are there two windows in my room, then you start looking for things on the internet with some music in the background, and somewhere in the middle of your research you see an interesting thumbnail of an upcoming movie so you decide to go on YouTube and watch the trailer. Suddenly, you realize that you forgot to study and it’s too late now. Well, if that’s the case then we have a surprise for you; you can block everything that comes between you and your studies.

Introducing the new app StayFocusd, which helps you block all the distracting websites at a certain time. You can set a time when you want all the sites to be blocked other than educational sites. For example: you’re researching on your science project, you don't have to worry about movie trailers popping up because they’ll be blocked by this app and if you want to listen to the music while doing your homework but you know it’ll distract you, then you can block that too.

So the next time you’re going to study, you don’t have to worry about those weird thoughts on aliens and other time wasting websites and you’ll be able to fully focus on your studies during your adjusted study time, get good grades in schools and put a smile on your teacher’s face.

By Sohaib Hakim

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Grammarly for Chrome

No one’s grammar is perfect, especially when writing an essay the night before it’s due. That’s where Grammarly can help. Grammarly is a Google Chrome extension that checks your grammar as you type. After you download it and create an account, you can use their service to check your grammar and spelling, as well as find some synonyms that may better fit your writing. Although the extension doesn’t support Google Drive at the moment, you can copy and paste it into their website checker, which works just fine. It currently supports Microsoft Word, Gmail, and plenty of other websites, just look for the green G on the bottom-right of where you would type. As you type, the extension will search for any errors or inconsistencies and suggest possible edits, which it underlines in orange or red to let you know. When you click on the underline, it will tell you what it thinks is wrong, and what you could change it to. Though some advanced issues are behind a subscription payment, it will help you with the more basic issues for free.

By Franklin Moy

Friday, March 10, 2017

Google Dictionary

Many people have come across a time when they’re reading an article online and come upon a word that they don’t know the meaning. Enter the Google Dictionary extension for Chrome. This extension tells you a word’s definition in just a couple seconds. All you have to do is double-click or highlight a word on the website and then click on the Google Dictionary icon in the top right. In order for the extension to work after installing it, though, you have to close and re-open your browser. Then after that, you’re all set! It’s pretty simple!

By Franklin Moy 

Friday, January 20, 2017


A Ninite Installer

Installing software isn’t always the easiest or fastest process, especially if you’ve got a large list of program that you need on your computer. However, a solution does exist. Ninite, a package manager, is an easy-to-use program that lets you automatically install all of your favorite applications. As soon as you download Ninite, you get to select what you need from a large list of the most popular apps for Windows computers. Web browsers, messaging programs, media players - whatever you need, Ninite has.
After selecting what you want, Ninite will automatically begin the process of installing your programs, and it’ll even run in the background. You won’t have to bother with any of the nuances of installing software manually, because Ninite won’t ask you to make any choices, won’t install any toolbars or junkware, and won’t reboot your system after each software install.
Whether you need to install a ton of software after a fresh install of your operating system, only need a handful of programs, or even need to update already installed programs, Ninite will do it all for you. Save yourself some time and effort. Check out Ninite at

Alec Bader

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Some Studies proved that students who write their notes by hands tend to learn faster than digital copies. The problem is that nobody likes to carry bunch of hard copy notes with them all the time. Now, with Moleskine Smart Writing Set students can write notes with their hands and have the convenience of having their notes in digital form. Students write with a smartpen on the notepad provided, real ink appears on the page while it all appears in digital form on their connected device. Anything they write or draw can be digitized as it is, or their words can be transcribed into digital text. It is a very useful technology for every student who takes copious notes.
Hamza Sohail


Many high school seniors with good grades look for scholarships and there’re many scholarships out there but it’s really hard to find them since they are not organized. Scholly is an app for $0.99 on appstore and playstore that organizes the available scholarships. Students are required to fill out eight parameters, and then Scholly’s comprehensive database delivers a verified and personalized list of scholarships.Their platform also gives students access to management tools and scholarship essay resources to help them manage deadlines, track progress and win the money they deserve. It is a very useful app for students looking for scholarships. 

Hamza Sohail


Have you ever need to cite your sources for a research paper? Needed to do it quick? With the Easybib chrome extension you can cite your sources without having to type anything. This extension is free to download in the chrome store and comes in handy during class and at home.
It looks like this in your extensions.

To cite your source first you click on the extension and this menu will pop up.

Screenshot 2017-01-06 at 2.21.38 AM.png

You then click Cite on Easybib and it takes you to this menu.

Screenshot 2017-01-06 at 2.22.51 AM.png

Once this menu shows up wait a couple of seconds and it will fill in all the information for you. Then scroll down and click Create Citation.

That's it! You have now cited your source in seconds! No need to look for the information about the website. The extension does everything for you making your job easier.

Zunair Muhammad