Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Desmos Calculator App

Calculator is something you should always have with you in your math class. If you’re in your math class with no graphing calculator, you’ll feel like things are going over your head but no worries, Desmos is always your friend. A beautiful and powerful graphing calculator which lets you explore math in a fun way.

It’s totally free and comes with exciting features that most of the regular graphing calculators don’t have. For example, you can graph and solve long equations in every graphing calculator but you can not have a tutor’s help on those other calculators if you’re stuck on a problem. With Desmos, you can request help on any math-based problem and experts will help you solve the it in a professional way.

You don’t need a special computer for this program, you can use it on your ChromeBook.  Just download the Desmos Graphing Calculator extension and enjoy solving your math problems.

By Sohaib Hakim

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