Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Realtime Board: Digital Whiteboard For Collaboration

A group school project can be fun sometimes but it gets hard if one of your group members can’t make it to the meeting. You have to handle everything without them and do their part as well. But, this problem can be solved by a new program known as ‘Realtimeboard’. A digital whiteboard which connects all your group members through internet so you can get into a meeting, use this whiteboard to explain, draw, and discuss your project. Their cloud storage technology saves all your work on their servers so you don’t lose any data when you go offline.

You can not only use the whiteboard for the project, but you can also use their audio/video call feature to make your conversation with all your group members more efficient.

Realtimeboard isn’t only available for Windows but also on Mac OS, Chromebook, Android, and iPhone. You can start working from your computer and continue from your smartphone right where you left off. All you have to do is to download the Realtimeboard extension and start projecting.

Sohaib Hakim

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