Wednesday, April 19, 2017


RAM stands for Random Access Memory.  RAM is a way of temporarily keeping data somewhere that the computer can go back to and read very quickly.  For example, RAM is needed when you launch an application on your computer because your HDD or Hard Disk Drive is too slow to be able to keep up with supplying your computer with the data it needs, RAM fills in this gap in performance. It is, what is called volatile memory so any data on it would just be deleted once you power off your computer.  So don’t get any ideas if you were thinking, ‘why don’t we just  use it to store data instead of Hard Drives?’.  

JEDEC, the organization that defines and standardizes the computer memory standards, has announced that the next generation of RAM, DDR5 will have double the speed of current DDR4 RAM. This will allow better overclocking on newer CPUs and expand the maximum amount of RAM that a system can have. DDR4 was finalized in 2012 but was not released and available in the market until 2015. Although they stated it will be finalized in 2018, as it was with DDR4, it is planned to be available a little later in 2020. It is estimated that DDR5 will continue to be the fastest RAM available until 2025.  All of this is important because the faster your RAM is the faster your computer will feel.

Tom McDonagh

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