Monday, April 17, 2017

iScanner: Turn your pictures into PDFs

Have you ever been absent and need to turn in a really important assignment? Well now there is the iScanner app, available for free on all current Apple and Android phones. With this app you can turn any picture into an PDF! It is free to download and makes sending work faster. Once you open the app and click on the +, the camera will open. With this app you have the option to set the picture to auto or manual. When the camera setting is on auto, it detects the borders and takes the picture, leaving you with the option to edit. On the manual setting, once the picture is taken it gives you the right to choose your borders and crop the image as much as you need to.

Once the picture of the document is set, it gives you the option of making it a PDF or JPEG file. After you have decided on that, you can send it out to: fax, email, email yourself, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Yandex.Disk, Box, and OneDrive. Besides sharing it out to those locations, you can save it in your camera roll, open it with another app, and print it out on spot. iScanner does offer the pro edition which allows you to save unlimited PDFs, unlike the free version which only lets you save three at a time.

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Zunair Muhammad
Senior Tech Leader

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