Monday, April 24, 2017

Quizlet: The Source to Wisdom

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Have you ever needed to memorize a list of vocabulary words and did not have flashcards at home? Well now there is Quizlet. This is a website where you can make sets of flashcards and share them with others. Quizlet is also a free app that you can download on either an Apple or Android phone. Once you make your flashcards you get the options of having: one side shown or both, hear the words and definitions being read, make quizzes, and play fun games like scatter and race. Quizlet also allows you to choose your privacy settings so no one can access your set. Alongside making flashcards, teachers can make live games and have students join with codes. This is known as Quizlet Live and makes learning more interactive. Quizlet is a fun and easier way of learning new vocabulary words from either your computer, phone, or in class against your fellow peers.

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By Zunair Muhammad

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