Friday, October 20, 2017

Down for everyone or just me!!

Have you ever come across a website link that didn't work on your computer, but you knew worked for other people? This site allows you to enter your problem url, and tells you if the site is down, or if something is wrong with the device that is being used. This site has some features that help gauge the sites effectiveness.  For example, the website can figure out who is hosting this website, scan for security problems, check the website speed, and check what the website is built with.

Kainat Khan & Jay Rami
Tech Leaders

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Google Slides -Voice Dictation for Speaker Notes

How easy is it to create Speaker Notes in Google Slides now?

If you have struggled to type up all those notes for those intensely long presentations, Google finally added a feature to make you life so much easier.   The voice dictation tool has been added to Google Slides tools section.  Try it out on your next presentation.

Tech Leader
Raj Gandhi