Wednesday, December 20, 2017

How to Report Spam in Gmail

If you’ve noticed a lot of unwanted emails in your NilesK12 gmail inbox, there are ways to deal with it in just a few clicks. Report them as SPAM! This will help you and Google at the same time.

Gmail already sends some known Spam-like emails straight to your Spam folder but some Spam still gets through the filter. That’s where your action is needed.

You can flag any unwanted messages as SPAM. Doing this helps Gmail "learn" what types of emails you’d want going straight to your Spam Folder and not your inbox.

While viewing your inbox, don't open the known spam email. Instead, click the checkbox next to the message or hold the Shift key then Click to select more than one message to mark as Spam.

Then click the Report Spam icon above your messages. You can simply Report as Spam or Report and Unsubscribe if it’s a newsletter you’ll never want to receive again.

After reporting Spam for a while you will notice that less and less unwanted messages will show up in your inbox as Gmail will start doing it for you. Win, win.

Net Neutrality - A Tech Leader's Thoughts

The End of the Free Internet Age

Major streaming services such as Netflix and Twitch are among the services that may be affected after voting to repeal Net Neutrality on Dec. 14. Federal Communication Center (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai has given a heavy hit to online streaming services by enacting the removal of Net Neutrality therefore threatening consumer interest by possibly costing consumers more money. With a 3-2 vote by partisan judges, the future is bleak for the survival of independent streaming services in the country, with certainty of price increases for usage of independent internet domains

Net Neutrality is a safeguard against companies controlling how consumers use the web. Since 2015, companies couldn’t block or charge the content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or communication method. It was enacted after internet domains, such as Netflix, were suffering from issues with time and connectivity due to meddling by companies.

Supporters of Net Neutrality have argued that the internet is a public utility, so crucial that it’s privatization would hinder the growth of modern society. With the internet being vital in news viewing, E-commerce, entertainment, and getting financial assistance for college, privatization means the internet would fall to the decisions of telecommunication companies. It has been feared that microtransactions, fees for content, would be introduced making it harder for users with limited financial situations to continue using the internet. The worst case scenario is the favoritism of company owned services by means of blocking the competition out of existence. Former FCC Commissioner Michael Copp stated that “There can be no truly open internet without net neutrality. To believe otherwise is to be captive to special interest power brokers.”

Those against Net Neutrality point to property rights. They have argued that since companies allow for internet access by consumers, companies should have such power to prevent “freeloaders” to profit from the current situation using their property. Netflix has been especially targeted, being pressured to pay up or get blocked from the web. One thing is certain, the internet’s future is incredibly vague in the US.

By Pouriya Soltani
Tech Leader 2018

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Visme Presentation app

Visme is a place for students, teachers, and anyone who wants to express their thoughts in a futuristic way. Visme not only lets you create a presentation in a total new way but also lets you create things such as info-graphs, reports, web graphics, social graphics, web pages, and more. Visme also has an E-book feature for book lovers . Most importantly Visme is easy to use. Visme allows the user to create more engaging presentations, info-graphics, demos, Web Banners, Animations and virtually any other type of visual content right in their browser. The content created using Visme can be easily shared on Social media, embed to a website or blog, and even downloaded to use offline. Use Visme to create a more attractive and engaging resumes. Utilize it for personal projects from creating recipe pages, to creating short poems, meme’s, or graphics, or as a simple canvas to post ideas. Visme opens so many doors for so many people. Join the Fun by clicking on the link below.

Visme Link
By Syeda Bukari
Tech Leader