Friday, June 1, 2018

Tech Learning Live 2018 Conference

On Friday May 11, Niles North student Tech Leaders senior Tina Intarapanont and senior Raj Gandhi participated in the Tech Learning Live 2018 conference at the Hyatt Regency in Rosemont, IL. They were part of a panel that included Administrators and Staff from District 219, District 121, and District 117, titled Empowering The Student Help Desk.

Tina is a senior who originally started out as a Video Tech Leader helping record and edit various events at the school.  She began working at the Student Help Desk towards the end of her Sophomore year.  She has currently achieved over 140 hours of service to the program. Her main focus is repairing Chromebooks, billing for repairs, and using her customer service skills to run the student help desk.

Raj used to come to the help desk all the time with his sister, who was a tech leader. We hired him the second semester of freshman year because he was interested in learning more about the Chromebooks. He has played many roles during his time in the program. He can repair a Chromebook, troubleshoot software problems, understands our database, and has created videos that are still used by a few departments for training of new students. With over 250 hours of experience, he can easily run a help desk thanks to his time here in the program.

We hope they have great success in their future endeavors!

Using tablet to control a programmable
drone which can also be converted into boat.  
Tech and Learning was hosted at the
Hyatt Regency in Rosemont

Raj and Tina both presented and listening to
other students and coordinators talk about
their 1:1 programs.